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tv   MSNBC Live The First 100 Days  MSNBC  April 29, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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good evening. i'm ari mel ber live in washington, d.c. our special continuing coverage here goes on. president trump's 100th day in office. he spent the day at a forum he often enjoys. he's going to take the stage of a large rally for supporters in harrisburg, pennsylvania. donald trump at times has said the hundred-day benchmark is anything as much as ridiculous. if you are expecting a sober reflection from the commander in chief you may not have seen some recent evidence. >> i don't think anybody has ever done this much in a hundred days. >> a strong argument there and the president expected to
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continue it, taking it directly to rally goers going through what he sees as the greatest hits of the first hundred days. we'll show you live. it's obviously a big piece of contrast to tonight's dinner. that's the other big event we'll cover tonight. the president not attending the annual white house correspondents' dinner. as we speak, a large crowd is beginning arrivals at the washington hilton for what's usually a chance to see a u.s. president actually play nice with those people who cover him every day. no secret by now this president has a very different relationship with the press. this dinner one that was cemented back in 2011 when he was the main target of not only president obama but also the memorable lines from comedian seth meyers. >> donald trump has been saying he will run for president as a republican which is surprising since i just assumed he was running as a joke. gary busey said donald trump
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would make a great president. of course he said the same thing about an old rusty birdcage he found. donald trump often appears on fox which is ironic because fox often appears on donald trump's head. donald trump said he has a great relationship with the blacks. though unless the blacks are a family of white people, i bet he's mistaken. >> oh, the memories. that's a little context for why donald trump may not be there tonight. why did he choose harrisburg, pennsylvania over washington, d.c.? the president arguing this is a place to connect with real americans. he's also using this as a chance to contrast his arguments against what he sees as a main stream media out to get him. a new op-ed hit the washington post within the last hour by the president titled in my first hundred days i ept can my promise to americans. we'll have more on that as well. jacob rascon live at the rally talking to trump supporters and we have a power panel with me in
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washington as well as from around the country. starting with you, jacob. what are you seeing out there at the rally and the hundred days. is it a mood that feels typical of other rallies or something different? >> reporter: the campaign, maybe more excitement. he is their president and they got what they wanted. they feel a part of making him president. of course as everyone will remember it was a big upset win in pennsylvania which hasn't voted republican in nearly three decades. the president no doubt will thank supporters, something he's done several times already since taking the oath of office. he'll tout his long list of accomplishments, as he calls it. as you noted he was published in the washington post his op-ed recently in which he says things like issue by issue, department by department, we are giving the people their country back. that's what the people i have talked to say. not just here. i have talked to in michigan and
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arizona this week asking people how they would grade the president. generally some say a b, maybe an a minus but a lot say a plus. when it comes to, for example, the stalling or the failure of the health care bill or the travel ban they blame the courts, congress. they say eventually that will get worked out. he'll learn on the job. they believe as he writes in this op-ed that he's efforting everything he said he would do and where he's made compromises they are willing to forgive him, they say because he's a businessman and has to get things done. what i have read in the washington post it is basically the line you hear from his supporters generally. back to you. >> we'll be checking back with you, jacob. you are in the belly of the beast where a lot of trump supporters want to be. i want to bring in jonathan allen, a columnist and co-author of the book "shattered." we are going to have maria theresa in a moment. michael waldman, someone who
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knows about this as the history of a former speech writer for bill clinton is president of the center for justice and also madison jessiota, a conservative -- well, we will be joined by madison. we like to tease ahead. you look at these nights. this one is different from all others largely because of the choice the president made. what do we expect? >> i think you're looking at this split screen we are watching tonight. you've got the crowd at the white house correspondents dinner that has a tremendously odd relationship with the president of the united states where he attacks them constantly. they were there in 2011 and laughed along when he was picked on in harrisburg, pennsylvania. you have a crowd of what he calls regular americans. he's already campaigning for that. he realizes there is little use in being with that audience in washington. >> we are split screening it. that's tv terminology for looking at two things at once.
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think jacob may have an interview for us. >> ari, i'm here with the headliner, daily show correspondent and a long time friend of mine. i have to start with the number one question. no president here tonight. how does that change the game? >> it will be interesting. let's put it that way. the circumstances are very different. so, yeah. we'll see how we approach it. >> are you approaching this differently tonight than an episode of "the daily show"? do you have to prepare in a different way? you will have a room full of journalists. >> i never wear a tux on "the daily show" and usually i play a fake journalist. it will be interesting. >> what is it for you in the first hundred days. what's your take away. don't spoil it for us. what do you make of the first hundred days? >> a lot of coffee, little sleep.
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>> we'll watch closely. hassan minaj, thank you. >> see you soon. >> this is an extraordinary day here at the washington hilton for the white house correspondents' association dinner. of course president trump decided in tweets -- how else? to not show up here tonight. several months ago and he let everyone know he was doing it because he was going to harrisburg, pennsylvania, one of the states he won in the election. trump waged a war on what he calls the fake media. the reality is this dinner was criticized for being too cozy with celebrities, too star-studded. there is a feeling across america and i was doing it during the campaign talking to regular folks every day that the main stream media isn't necessarily to be trusted. we'll see how it changes things tonight while we are here. look who's here? the one and only stephanie from msnbc. what do you expect tonight? >> a great time to celebrate the
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people that i work with. if anybody said there weren't hotties here tonight? jacob is in the house. >> i'm all sweaty and blushing. this is when i say back to you. >> bye, ari. >> couldn't have said it any sooner. hi to you both. nice to see you, guys. john allen, bringing it back in here i hope hassan has more jokes than he had answers. he seemed to duck every question but i get that he wants to speak through the comedy. we showed the trump bit we were going to show tonight some of what we have seen from other presidents tell stories that room. >> absolutely. a lot goes on at the white house correspondents dinner. >> some of the jokes are personal about presidents. sometimes it goes beyond your typical roasting.
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if the reporters are smart they are trying to find out new information. there are so many government officials there. >> the case the president was making, this op-ed and the rally in the corner of the screen that's his hundred day rally. i want to give policy chops. he said he terminated the trans pacific partnership. this is from the op-ed removing job killing regulations. talks about confirming neil gorsuch, america first. he points to that he is doing things. >> his biggest achievement has been the appointment of gorsuch to the supreme court. that was one of the main reasons so many conservatives may not have espoused his issues but said we need the supreme court and need to control it for the next 25 years. everything else is highly contested.
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he's been the president that was basically stopped by the courts more times than passed legislation. i think they are on notice. the hundred days taught us we have a strong system of checks and balances where i don't need congress, the executive branch and you need the judiciary branch in order to ensure we are functioning as a democracy. >> you make an important point. michael waldman joins us now. director of the brennan center. nice to see you. >> thanks for having me. >> absolutely. you have been inside a white house. i want to put up the bills donald trump signed. in the washington post op ed he said 29. 29 counting the seven-day funding of the government passed yesterday. 13 of those bills were simply opposing obama-era rules, cancelling agency regulations which isn't a major thing. nine were ceremonial and seven were laws of some kind of
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substance. it is not a very thick level of legislative action, would you say say? >> the hundred days benchmark started with roosevelt who had an explosion offing a tift closing the banks, the first new deal. the only other president who did a lot in the first hundred days was barack obama. he took office, too, at a time of crisis. very few flailed around as much as trump. it's usually a time when presidents learn it's hard, as he would say, to be president. kennedy had the bay of pigs. bill clinton had congress rebelled against his plan to open the military service to gay men and women. it was a big mess in his transition, too. trump, don't forget, had a major failure on his major piece of
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legislation. it is hard to think of anybody else who had that. i worked with bill clinton on the speeches. usually presidents do it to poke fun at themselves, say they have a sense of their own limitations. it is a chance to show self-awareness. i have a feeling that's not what trump wanted to do. he'd rather be where he is. >> i think that's right. he knew that by going to the dinner he was going to leave himself vulnerable. the challenge with folks attending the dinner is it is black tie and it is jux posed to where he is in pennsylvania. the media is elite and i'm in rural pennsylvania. translating that. >> michael, president clinton was forced by the elections to
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start working with republicans after his first midterm and then moved centrist, cut deals with them, some to the right of center. do you think donald trump will be forced to do the same thing to have a legislative agenda and work with democrats or do you think he'll continue to solidify the republican base as polls have shown he's been doing. >> you're right. presidents often make pivots that nobody expects them to do even as after congress was lost to the republicans in 1994 which was a big deal and hadn't happened in a long time. bill clinton signed welfare reform and other deals that made democrats mad. reagan did much of the same thing. you saw similar things to some degree with george w. bush. don't forget trump for all the challenges he has, has a very significant margin in the house of representatives. a much smaller one in the senate. i do think if he had started the
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presidency talking about his economic populism and starting with the infrastructure plan, rather than taking away health care from 24 million people and a lot of the other kind of paul ryan hard right social agenda things he signed onto it would have put the democrats and democratic members of congress like chuck schumer in a harder position. now the democratic base is so fired up it's become a much sharper partisan divide. trump would have to reach out hard to get democrats to work with him now. >> that's become evident. he didn't start with a field goal. he was out on a deep three pointer, one handed over the back and missed. that's reforming the health care system. whether you want to reform it to do a different kind of federal plan, more state involvement, less federal subsidies. whatever you want to do i don't think there is disagreement about how difficult it was. this is donald trump talking
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about this in the hundred days context of bank. >> unfortunately because of the hard time that the republicans have had getting their hands around this thing which shouldn't be because i once said it is complicated. it's not complicated compared to other things being complicated. it's not that hard. i was disappointed that they didn't have more in line by the time i walked in. obamacare took 17 months of brutality to get it approved. >> i want to re-read part of that for you to talk about on set. he's talk about going back and forth and famously said no one knew it could have been this complicated which works as a laugh line at the dinner if you want it. he said, i was disappointed they -- republicans -- didn't have more in line by the time i walked in. hundred days in, this is how he's talking. does he see himself as an
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observer of health care policy rather than a participant? >> he sees himself as the owner of the company and wants somebody else making the lower level decisions and getting things done. what's amazing about the republican congress is they campaigned for so long on repealing obamacare and repealing and replacing and never had a fan. when they did go to make a plan it was paul ryan's ideological fantasy he put on the floor or tried to put on the floor. wasn't able to, which stripped $880 billion in medicaid. people think about social security and medicare as the untouchables. now there are three big untouchable programs. he did that basically to give tax cuts to the net investment income tax at odds with what trump campaigned on. at odds with what trump supporters by the new england set and the upper midwest set, opposed to what they wanted. paul ryan wasn't ready for a
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donald trump ps si in terms of getting republicans on board for that. went to his ideological leanings and failed. there is no legislation cued up to go forward except for the spending bim. >> and the message to republicans. he started sending out steve bannon who was throwing his weight around not understanding what happens when you get -- you're in someone else's house. that lost favor with republicans. had it been pence saying i understand the difficulties you are encountering he would have had a different response. >> michael, thank you for your insights from your white house experience. >> my pleasure. >> president trump expected to address harrisburg, pennsylvania. we'll have his big hundred day argument. plus more on the correspondents' dinner.
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welcome back. i'm ari melber coming to you live. president trump set to take the stage momentarily. this is his hundredth day rally. he has a lot of supporters gathered. we'll show you when it happens. president trump's absence isn't stopping the white house correspondents' dinner, a washington tradition. jacob has been with us and we'll keep an eye on that. maria and john back with us. we have a weird dinner. everyone around the country says what's the deal with this. any president certainly within his rights to go out and make his case for a marker that h
4:23 pm
histori historians, media. what's on your mind? the president goes about media and what we are seeing much less than other presidents and something president obama got criticism for. which is not wanting to play the washington game. >> we got these e-mails every other day this week about basically number counts of what the president has done. as you have analyzed, as people here analyzed they aren't
4:24 pm
necessarily numbers that tell us. >> i think you're right. he basically is so upset at the media. he could have easily wanted to have this rally. it's in harrisburg, pennsylvania. he could have done it in the morning and been here at night for the correspondents' dinner and said this is a time to recognize that at the end of the day there is a place for the president to be overseen by the media and have a conversation. that's what this is about. recognizing we aren't taking ourselves seriously. the reason we do the work is we believe in this government. whether i'm at the white house or whether you are covering me. >> there is zero value for him outside of using the dinner as a foil in going to the dinner. >> right. >> he's figured it out. in the past presidents wanted to get along with the media enough or come to the one dinner to try to help advance their agenda. they felt they needed the media to get the message out. donald trump gets the message out with or without the people in the room or with or without a lot of people. >> the challenge --
4:25 pm
>> let me push back on that and we'll come back to you. in my family when we had dinner we never answered the phone during dinner. when i was a kid sometimes i wanted to answer the phone because i thought it might be a friend calling. i asked my parents why can't we? my parents said, because that's not how we do it. that was the answer. when you're a kid that's frustrating. now i feel, good, i'm not always addicted to my phone like some people. maybe i learned something. washington tells presidents and new entrants, steve bannon, rahm emanuel or whatever is coming in, this is how we do it. why? this is just the way we do it. president trump said he won't accept the customs, big or small. the dinner, who cares whether the president goes? >> i think it is also the idea that the reason they have had the dinner is recognizing again there are certain roles and i have someone who believes it's good to have tradition. especially now when we have a
4:26 pm
president that sometimes is questionable whether or not there should be a role in free press. this would give him -- another obamacare vote which they didn't. get a federal spending care bill done which is multiple reasons. then to announce the tax plan. as best we can tell it was rushed out because of the rally he will hold. he wants to say he's doing things. donald trump on taxes. >> i will pay more than i pay now in taxes. the reason i'm going to pay more is because i lose all the deductions. they have deductions on top of deductions. they have hundreds and hundreds of pages -- >> so eliminate. >> i think that was clear in the
4:27 pm
briefing room when they brought out the secretary and they presented the one sheet. the outline basically which was not much more than we got dourg the campaign. >> it was a reiteration. this is sort of the same thing. there are these criticisms of the hundred day marker that what can you do to necessarily judge the presidency in that time. the problem is that donald tr p trump. he can say he hates the hundred day marker. all of the staff knew he was going to be seeing all this coverage of the hundred day marker. if they didn't have a lot to present to at least make a case
4:28 pm
they have done a lot that he was going to have a friday showdown. this is the author of gop gps. how to find the millennials and urban voters the republican party needs to survive. you get tired just finishing the book title. >> it doesn't roll off the tongue? >> no. it's a double acronym off the top. you think about the voters that you say the republican party needs to find. we'll put up some images of this rally. we are one minute away from speech time by trump although the president may run late. two minutes away from the official time. what are you thinking about when you look over the rally. i see red hats, a full crowd. i see according to polling a republican party that overwhelmingly is happy with the performance thus far. >> i think republicans in general are happy. at the same time you look at
4:29 pm
trump's voters. only 2% even regret voting for him. 96% think he's doing a fantastic job. the president has been going out, pitching himself and saying i'm doing a good job though he may not have facts to back it up. he's saying no one has done anything like we have in the first hundred days. that's false. he hasn't tried to bring in new voters and constituents in the republican party. we are not really targeting urban areas. we're talking to michael waldman and a clinton official.
4:30 pm
to do that he says i will try to talk to president trump about serious issues. he changes the subject. i told him i want to work on an infrastructure bill. i haven't gotten anywhere with him. he listens to what i have to say on the important suggest of the day, talks about what he wants to talk about. >> i think michael waldman was saying this before. if he wants to get stuff done he does have the margins but the republican party doesn't have an agenda that matches president trump's. he said his tax plan would make him pay more in taxes because you want to get rid of congress. he's put out a tax plan where the likeliest scenario at this point is that you would reduce some individual income tax rates and as a result of that the vast
4:31 pm
majority of the wealth that was held onto by taxpayers would be at the top. that's what republicans and congress will be willing to do. he's got no ability to get things done unless he reaches out to the democrats. >> this idea that his tax rate will be lowered, we don't know. if he released the taxes and saw the before and after we could take his word for it. when you start looking at the republicans, so, for example, joanie ernst says i don't like what he says. you are seeing republicans backtracking. what they see is the midterm elections. what evan is saying is right. one of the biggest narratives that was lost in the last election was that the majority of americans actually voted along generational lines. if you were to only take into account the millennial vote, only five states would have gone red. how are you going to increase that, make sure you are having a competitive bid when the majority of folks are reaping
4:32 pm
the government benefits. you get obamacare, dodd/frank, stimulus, divided government. this seems we might be on the precipice where you have a united government but very little actual legislative productivity. discuss. >> we are not getting things done as a congress. if you look at the ahca it should have been a lay-up of a bill. it was to protect them from
4:33 pm
blowback for when the president goes off on a tangent. when you look at how the president is treating congress, especially during the ahca he feels congress is a subservient. the constitution puts out congress is a separate but coequal body. the president is frustrated about that. in an interview with another network he got upset and said it might be time to revisit the laws as to how the senate and house work. they are taking too slowly to produce results. that's very, very worrisome to constitutional conservatives and liberals and americans. >> it's also vaguely ignorant of the way the government is set up. >> are you accusing the president of being ignorant? >> i appreciate the straight face. >> i wasn't speaking with judgment. >> you were speaking with sarcasm. >> 7:34. i am told by the producers on the ground, our reporters that
4:34 pm
donald trump is at the rally site. we'll hear from him when he takes the stage. the constitution sets up things in concrete. that's why you can't change the electoral college unless you get a constitutional convention. it does speak to the growing pains of his frustration with how government works. >> this is lack of understanding. the fact that he didn't realize just because he signed the executive order should have sent red flags to everybody. the fact that he's continuously being contested by the judicial branch. basically says we should tear that down. again, he doesn't seem to understand -- >> or break up the ninth circuit. >> we are not even into june yet when we'll start getting. a lot of the huge supreme court rulings we have been used to over recent years. there will be supreme court rulings that come down that he disagrees with. we are going to get to see the
4:35 pm
version of the 9th circuit stuff but with the supreme court and the supreme court that more or less is in agreement with him. >> we have been going about 35 minutes here. we have not touched on foreign policy yet, although this is the other big test of the next hundred days. there is a new interview. speaking object the north korea issue and get a response. let's take a listen to that. >> mr. president, you and the administration said to north korea don't test a missile. they have tested a missile. is the pressure not working? >> i didn't say don't test a missile. he has to do what he has to do. he understands we won't be happy. a man i have gotten to like and respect, the president of china, president xi, i believe has been putting pressure on him also. so far nothing happened. perhaps it has.
4:36 pm
this was not a big missile, not a nuclear test which he was expected to do three days ago. we'll see what happens. >> you say "not happy." what does that mean? >> i would not be happy if he does a nuclear test. i don't believe the president of china who is a respected man will be happy either. >> military action? >> i don't know. we'll see. >> you know, john, this is a time of sir couple speculation. if you just look at the take away that he's trying to put on pressure without dialing up military rhetoric to the degree of unnecessary confrontation.
4:37 pm
>> he's not changing policy with regard to north korea. not a wit. president obama didn't take things off the table. he didn't talk about how they were on the table in terms of preemptive attacks. >> he spoke about chocolate cake but had a similar policy of let's get through this. not let's escalate it. >> the only issue is if the rhetoric has an effect of escalating, you can get yourself to deescalate nuclear situations. >> that's an under statement. >> evan and then -- maria and then evan. >> when president obama left office he said the biggest worry he had to worry about president trump was going to be north korea. i don't think he took it seriously and he started tweeting about it, agitating and saying he wasn't going to play with china.
4:38 pm
he realized his tweets mattered. all of the sudden you see him taking out and talking to the chinese saying we need to cozy up and talk. you are seeing him saying, you know, we have to actually put you in your place and we'll talk more with the chinese. >> try to get them to do it with north korea. the president began in february to hint that we were going to target chinese banks and chinese companies that provide the pipeline and gate way to the western world for the north koreans if we targeted them with sanctions. then he met with president ping and made some sort of backroom deal, presumably, where he dropped the currency manipulation charge in exchange for the chinese getting more involved. >> while you are giving us that history i'm jumping in to
4:39 pm
mention that mike pence was just introduced as the harrisburg, pennsylvania, rally. 7:39 p.m. we expect president trump to be speaking shortly. let's listen to see what the vice president has to say. >> it is great to be back. just 100 days after the man the keystone state supported became president of the united states of america, president donald trump. [ cheers and applause ] you know, if 100 days has shown us everything, it's that president donald trump is a man of his word and he's a man of action. [ cheers and applause ] for 100 days president trump has been keeping the promises he's made to you and every american. it's been 100 days of action. 100 days of consequence.
4:40 pm
and 100 days that will be remembered as the days we began to make america great again. [ cheers and applause ] you know, president trump's tireless leadership really inspires me every single day. while left wing activists and their willing allies in the media -- [ booing ] you know, while they have been ignoring the facts and spreading that fake news the american people know the truth. [ cheers ] the truth is president trump has been relentlessly delivering on the promises he made to the american people and america is back. [ cheers and applause ]
4:41 pm
since even before president trump took office he's been fighting for american jobs and american workers. he's signed more bill s killing job cutting regulations than any president in american history. he approved the keystone and dakota pipelines. opened up offshore drilling. under president donald trump the war on coal is over. [ cheers ] just this past week president
4:42 pm
trump laid out a plan for one of the biggest tax cuts in american history. we are going to cut taxes across the board for working families, small businesses and family farms. just a few minutes ago the president took another step to make sure the trade deals benefit american workers first. folks, that's american leadership for the american people. [ crowd chanting "usa" ] make no mistake about it. president trump will not rest, will not relent until we repeal and replace obamacare and give
4:43 pm
the american people the world class health care they deserve. the result of all of this, more than 500,000 new jobs have been created since january 1st of this year. president trump's vision to buy american, hire american is catching on with businesses across the country. company after company are investing record investments in american workers. billions of dollars, tens of thousands of jobs. as ford motor company's chief executive put it, it was a vote of confidence in president trump's vision for america. you know, the american people in our nation's small businesses haven't been this confident in a decade. manufacturers, the beating heart of pennsylvania and the heartland of america are more
4:44 pm
optimistic today than any point in the last 20 years. [ cheers and applause ] across the board our new president is doing exactly what he said he would do. it's driving all of them a little bit crazy. in his first hundred days president trump has signed more legislation and executive orders than any president in more than 50 years. he's picked a world class cabinet, hasn't he? men and women working every day to make this country great and strong like secretary ben carson, ambassador nikki haley and our secretary of defense jim "mad dog" mattis. [ cheers ] and president trump has stood by
4:45 pm
the god-given liberties of our constitution without apology. the sanctity of life and the right to keep and bear arms in the second amendment. of the constitution. [ applause ] and he nominated to the supreme court in justice neil gorsuch a conservative jurist in the tradition of antonin scalia and the american people couldn't be more proud. most important of all, president donald trump as stood by those who defend our families and our freedom at home and abroad. in the first 100 days president trump has kept his word to stand by the men and women in law enforcement to secure our borders and remove dangerous criminal illegal immigrants from our streets.
4:46 pm
[ crowd chanting "build that wall" ] you know, thanks to president trump's tough immigration policies, illegal immigration is already down more than 60% this year alone. it's true. as commander in chief, president donald trump is rebuilding our military. responding the arsenal of democracy and president trump is fighting every day to give our soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines and coast guard the resources and training they need to accomplish their mission, protect our nation, and come home safe. [ applause ] the president proposed one of the biggest increases in defense spending since the days of president ro nald reagan.
4:47 pm
and president trump has taken decisive action to support those who have worn the uniform. he's working every day to make sure the veterans of our armed forces have the benefits they have earned including world class health care. president trump will make the strongest fighting force in the world even stronger. with renewed american strength, president trump is standing with our allies and standing up to our enemies. he's put iran on notice. he's standing strong in the face of threats from the regime in north korea. when the world saw our president's strength and resolve and the actions he took in syria and afghanistan the credibility of american power was restored.
4:48 pm
thanks to president donald trump, isis is on the run in iraq, in syria, in afghanistan, and we will not rest until we destroy isis once and for all. [ crowd chanting "usa" ] in a hundred days president trump turn america around. he's just getting started. [ cheers and applause ] under president trump's leadership we will make america safe again. under president trump's leadership, we will make america prosperous again. and under president trump's leadership, i know in my heart with your help and with god's help, we will make america great again. [ cheers and applause ]
4:49 pm
for his boundless energy, optimism and the love he shows every day for this country and the american people for these last 100 days and beyond, it is my high honor and distinct privilege to introduce to you the president of the united states of america, president donald trump. ♪ >> we have been listening there to vice president mike pence make a full-throated argument for donald trump's success, efforts and results in his first hundred days as president. unusually robust and even at times political language from the vice president there, referring to the fake news, taking shots at the press including making the
4:50 pm
straightforward argument that donald trump has delivered and then some, an argument that's been contested by some historians and journalists assessing the hundred days but one that was but one that was greeted vigorously by this crowd. you see the president making a slower advance greeting the folks here in harrisburg, pennsylvania. 7 we expect the president to outline the 100 day results and perhaps touch on the event he choose to skip this year. the first president since 1981 to skip the white house correspondents dinner. president trump ready to take the stage. let's listen in and hear what he has to say at this 100-day
4:51 pm
rally. >> thank you. thank you, ladies and gentlemen. it is truly great to be back in the wonderful, wonderful state of pennsylvania. i love this state and i love the people of this state.
4:52 pm
it's special and it carried us to a big, beautiful victory on november 8th. i want to recognize some of our congressmen friends who helped us so much. congressman perry, thompson and mike kelly. where is mike kelly? he's here someplace. where is he? were you great on television this morning. of course, one of our other originals, congressman tom marino, right. thank you. thank you, mike. thank you, tom. as you may know, there's another big gathering taking place
4:53 pm
tonight in washington, d.c. did you hear about it? a large group of hollywood actors and washington media are consoling each other in a hotel ball room in our nation's capital right now. they are gathered together for the white house correspondents dinner without the president. and i could not possibly be more thrilled than to be more than
4:54 pm
100 miles away from washington's swamp spending my evening with all of you and with a much, much larger crowd and much better people, right. right. and look at the media back there. they would actually rather be here, i have to tell you.
4:55 pm
that's right. media outlets like cnn and msnbc are fake news, fake news. and they're sitting they're wishing in washington. they're watching. right now they're watching and they would love to be with us right here tonight. but they're trapped at the dinner, which will be very, very boring. but next year maybe we'll make it more exciting for them in washington and we'll show up,
4:56 pm
but we have a good chance of showing up here again next year too. the truth is there is no place i'd rather be than right here in pennsylvania to celebrate our 100-day milestone to reflect on an incredible journey together and to get ready for the great great battles to come and that we will win in every case. okay. we will win. because make no mistake, we are just beginning in our fight to make america great again. now, before we talk about my first 100 days, which has been
4:57 pm
very exciting and very productive, let's rate the media's 100 days. should we do that? should we do it? because as you know they are a disgrace. according to a morning consult poll, more than half of americans say the media is out of touch with everyday americans and they've proven that. according to media research center, 89% of the media's coverage of our administration has been negative and purposely negative and perhaps that's because according to the center for public integrity 96% of
4:58 pm
journalists who made donations in the last election gave them to our opponent. does anybody remember who our opponent was? that was some opponent. finally, according to a poll last year from the "associated press," only 67% of americans have a lot of confidence in america. that's very bad. that's much lower than congress, by the way. but i'll give you an example of something really incredible. that's right, get him out of here. get him out.
4:59 pm
thank you. thank you. thank you. do we love our law enforcement or what? and i want to thank the fire
5:00 pm
marshals. they have a lot of people standing outside. we really maxed out. we break the all-time record for this arena. how old is this arena? we broke the all-time record and i don't have a guitar, which is pretty tough. so just as an example of media, take the totally failing "new york times". pretty soon they'll only be on the internet. the paper is getting smaller and smaller. you ever notice? it's starting to look like a comic book. but i will tell you because i watched and i used to be in the real estate business, they sold their beautiful "new york times" building in manhattan. a cathedral for journalism for around


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